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Upgradation of Assistant from BPS-14/15 to BPS-16

FST hearing dated 28.02.2013: Comments not filed by Finance as case in Law Division for legal opinion, hence again notice issued for next date of hearing. Adjourned to 03.04.2013.

FST hearing dated 07.02.2013: Comments not filed by Finance, again short notice issued for next date of hearing. Adjourned to 21.02.2013.

FST hearing dated 04.01.2013: Comments not filed, again notice issued to the respondent. Adjourned to 07.02.2013.

FST hearing: Case adjourned for next date of hearing i.e. 04.01.2013.

1st Hearing in FST: Case Admit for regular hearing, comments not filed by respondents and notice issued to the respondents.

FST Case : Abdul Ghafoor Javed & Mr. Sajid etc. VS M/o Finance: (No. 2957-2958(R)CS/2012).

(Case is going in-line with the rules & procedures and now case transferred / filed in Federal Service Tribunal, Islamabad).

Please pray for the success of Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Javaid etc.

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