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Special Allowance @ 20% of Basic Pay Finance Division – Government of Pakistan

Islamabad High Court (IHC) directs for notification of 20 % Special Allowance raise in basic pay by Sept 30.
Contempt of Court :: Crl. Org. W. 409/2013 Aftab Hassan V/s Dr. Waqar Masood & others
ISLAMABAD, Sep 26: The Islamabad High Court on Wednesday directed the Finance Ministry to issue the notification with regard to increase in the special allowance of 20% on running basic pay of all the federal government employees by September 30. The court also directed the official of the ministry to submit the copy of the notification before it in next date of hearing as it was granted to the officials of the ministries and divisions. A single member bench of the IHC comprising Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui issued the directives after hearing the contempt petition filed by the federal employees of various departments, seeking the implementation of the court orders regarding raise of 20 percent in the basic salaries as being availed by the ministries’ employees.During the course of hearing , counsel for petitioner apprised the bench that finance ministry was not implementing the court orders and notification of increase in salaries has not issued so far.
He prayed the court to direct the finance ministry to issue notification of increase in salaries in the light of the court direction.
Nadeem Arshad, an official of the ministry informed the bench that the increment in salaries would cost a huge financial burden on the public exchequer.
To this, justice remarked that every one has to implement the court orders and directed the official of ministry to submit the notification till September 30.
Nadeem argued that the federation has filed an intra court appeal against the decision and sought time dill the decision of the case.
The Judge remarked that there was no stay order issued in result of ICA,so finance ministry should implement the orders of the court in letter and spirit.
Justice Siddiqui observed that all government employees should be equally treated and discriminatory attitude would not be tolerated.
The court had ordered on June 18 for 20 percent increase in the basic pay of the federal employees and had directed the federation to grant the raise in salary with effect from 1st March 2013.
After hearing the arguments, the bench admitted the petitions and adjourned the matter for indefinite period.

Islamabad High Court’s Judgment issued for grant of 20% Special allowance to the all Federal Government Employees

Islamabad High Court (IHC) on 18-06-2013 has made a decision to grant 20% Special Allowance to all the Federal Govt Employees. Earlier in March 2013, Finance Division announced 20% Special Allowance to the Employees of Secretariat and Ministries and Divisions and the Employees of Attached Departments, Semi Govt and Corporations were deprived of this allowance. This allowance will be granted wef 1st march 2013 (Read O.M. No. F.10(2)R-3/2012 dated: 6th Marh, 2013)as the Employees of Ministries & Divisions are availing the same since 1st March 2013.

According to Court judgment/Order sheet:
“ The Grant of Special Allowance @ 20% to the employees working in the Federal Ministries/Divisions and withholding of the same from Federal Govt employees of other Secretariat, Departments and Statutory Bodies where Govt Scale are applicable is discriminatory in nature as such offensive to the constitutionally granted rights of these employees. All the Federal Govt Employees are therefore held entitled to Special Allowance @ 20% with effect from the employees working in the Federal Ministries/Divisions have

been allowed.”
Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui, Judge – Islamabad High Court

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